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What's wrong with godoc?

Like many modern languages, Golang has built-in inline documentation support tool called godoc. To be honest, it’s awesome. It is a really great tool, that has a real impact on the everyday coding process. At least if you use plugins with function call tips as I do. But there is the big problem of the majority Go-projects that is tightly related to godoc but lays outside of it. The godoc is really cool...  »

Clean way to pass configs in a Go application

There are many concurrent approaches to organize application configuration nowadays. Classic .ini files, .json, .toml, .yaml, configs, modern .env and, of course, container environment. And don’t forget about CLI arguments! Am I missing something? Let me be honest, I really dislike any implicitness in interfaces. Same for the CLI of course. Any of your interfaces, whether public or internal, API or object interface, a class method or module facade – they have to cooperate fair...  »