I’m usually available via email, Linkedin or Telegram. You can reach me on another platform, but I can respond slowly.

Book a consultation

For more than ten years I’m developing complex technical systems and helping small and medium-sized companies with cloud-native architecture. I help to earn more and spend less with proper cloud decisions. Book a free half-hour consultation right now.

Invite as a speaker

I also do public talks, so you can email me with an offer to speak at a conference or meetup. The remote format is preferred, but I am open to coming offline if transportation costs are covered.

Questions and mentorship

I’ll be happy to answer your questions about the technologies and tools I talk about or develop. However, due to time constraints, it can take me a long time to answer.

I don’t do mentoring at the moment, but I sometimes participate in educational events, such as workshops. Follow my activity on Linkedin so you don’t miss them.

Projects and activities

There are several projects that I’m working on: