As a cloud architect, I help small and medium-sized companies live in a cloud environment without problems.

No matter which cloud you choose - GCP, AWS or a small local provider - I will help you design a system suitable for the chosen environment, build efficient workflows, automate routine operations and ensure reliable application functioning.

You know better than anyone how to build your product. I know how to make its operation in the cloud simple and predictable. You no longer have to worry about how to properly design and maintain a Cloud Native system. You just build the product, I do the rest.


Architecture Design

Distributed systems are complex and fragile. I will design a robust system around the business requirements and specifics of the cloud or hybrid infrastructure.

Cloud Migration

Migrating to the cloud from an on-premise environment is a complex, multi-step task. I will plan the migration correctly and perform it without interrupting the services and the team.

Cloud Support

A cloud environment requires the implementation of DevOps practices and proper maintenance. I will make cloud systems robust and reliable, and billing obvious and expected.

Process Optimization

Companies waste money because of sub-optimal software development and support processes. I will implement effective workflow practices and automate routine operations.

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