In this talk, I will dig into the use of OpenTelemetry for trailing and monitoring in Go projects. There are already a lot of speeches explaining the theory, so I will concentrate on practice.

The purpose of my presentation is that a person who is already familiar with the concept of tracing and monitoring and probably has experience with OpenTracing or OpenCensus, can come to work the next day and organize the transition to OpenTelemetry, or at least get an understanding of how to do it. The release version is scheduled for the second half of 2020, and it is possible that it will already take place at the time of the conference (now it's v0.8 for Go). But even if not, the library is already working, the main functionality is already there. Thus, the experience of practical use will be useful to everyone who uses nonproprietary traсing & monitoring on their projects now, because OpenTracing and OpenCensus are stopping support in favor of OpenTelemetry.